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When you volunteer or intern with Mermaid Society SMTX, you will have a positive impact on the San Marcos community and meet a lot of great, enthusiastic, like-minded people while you're at it!  Your contribution has a direct impact on our mission. A heartfelt thanks for joining us!


Volunteer Opportunities


The most fundamental way of volunteering. Your main role is to help spread the news about what we do! If you have opportunities to make announcements at committee meetings or place of work, use your social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook we sure would appreciate it! We need your help to inform the community about upcoming events and activity that Mermaid Society hosts and of course, Mermaid SPLASH festival! You are always in the know with all the things Mermaid Society and closely follow our presence on Social Media. Your contributions help propagate our vision and our mission.


WE NEED YOU! Join us as a member of the Youth Programming Committee or just lend a hand on day of event. There are multiple ways that you can help us grow our programs. Work with a dedicated team of educators, the San Marcos Girl Scouts and - of course - Mermaid Maya at many different venues and events.


Help us grow our image and video archives and document the annual Mermaid SPLASH Festival and events and activity throughout the year. You will be listed as the photographer or videographer on any pictures or video of yours that we use for PR as well as in social media. Help to document the growth of our organization.


Help Mermaid Maya during her public presentations or become a Mermaid yourself and be part of our Mermaid Pod that will visit schools, youth events and participate in multiple Mermaid SPLASH activities. Remember the San Marcos mermaid is a freshwater mermaid!


Help us with the logistics and set up when we organize Pop-Up events during Thirds Thursday Downtown Walkabout, San Marcos Farmers Market and other special events. We will begin to promote Mermaid SPLASH and use the Pop-Up events as opportunity to register folks for the parade and ticketing for the Art Ball. We also will take advantage to sell Mermaid Society merchandise.


The culmination of the Mermaid SPLASH Festival is Mermaid's Society's annual river-cleanup event that takes place on the Sunday following SPLASH. The Mermaid Round-Up is a “call to action” and serves as a first-step for community members to be introduced or “re-introduced” to riverbank and park cleanup efforts. This family-friendly event is designed to inspire youth to model our super-hero, the San Marcos Mermaid, to be river guardians for the San Marcos River. Participants will be joined by both enthusiasts and experts in the field and learn about the many opportunities to be involved with river protection throughout the year.


Limited time for volunteering? No problem. Your volunteering efforts can be event specific. Always look on the site for events in the works. There is always something to do at Mermaid Society.

Internship Opportunities

Meet your own internship requirements for school while you learn, help a great cause and meet interesting new people. Visit our Intern page for more information.


Fulfill your own internship obligations as you help Mermaid Society meet its own PR and marketing goals! Up your social media savvy and show off your leadership skills as you create campaigns and learn to communicate with the media and the public.


Create engaging and compelling content and calls to action for PR and Social Media. Sharpen your blogging skills by writing about all things Mermaid; and share on multiple platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


Become a Money Magnet by finding and pursuing opportunities and honing your grant-writing skills, while helping us meet annual fundraising goals. Now, that’s a valuable skill that will help you through your whole career and certainly help you meet internship requirements!


Be an office Mermaid at our downtown headquarters right door to Kissing Alley. Use your skills to help with tech support, research, special event planning and graphic design. Meet interesting people and widen your circle of friends while meeting all your internship requirements.

Other Opportunities with Mermaid Society


Help us shape our organization, help us with Community outreach and be part of the vision!


You may create a proposal for a workshop or multi-day class. Mermaid Society will help you find a venue where you can present it.

Mermaid SPLASH Festival Committees


Be a member of this committee to help with the fundraising efforts for Mermaid SPLASH and Mermaid Society’s general programming.


We could use your help with writing press releases and creating media kits for Mermaid SPLASH. Also, represent Mermaid Society for radio and TV interviews.


We not only need volunteers, but we need leaders to help coordinate our volunteer needs! If you have great people skills this is a great place for you to help. You will be part of a Volunteer Leadership Team that will help to manage various activities throughout Mermaid SPLASH. Additionally, be part of other events or activity throughout the year.

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