SPLASH Patch Program



The SPLASH Patch program is a Mermaid Society initiative with River Guardianship and Community Stewardship at its core. The acronym SPLASH, stands for each one of the study units required to earn the patch: Stewardship, Preservation, Local, Arts, Sustainability, Heritage.  Curriculum for the patch was developed by a team made up of educators, troop leaders, artists and environmental stewards.


The SPLASH Patch Program is designed to foster community engagement while encouraging mindfulness about our impact on the environment around us.   The SPLASH Patch program is designed for 3rd -5th grade levels and is available for all youth regardless of affiliation with any community organization.  This program is a half day event and scheduled approximately 4-6 times throughout the year.



Graduates of the program participate in the Downtown Mermaid Promenade and are awarded their patch during the Mermaid Aqua Faire.

Jennifer Bloodworth, Girl Scout Troop Leader, # 616, Central Star Service Unit, Central Texas Girls Scouts

“The Mermaid SPLASH Patch is probably the most unique educational program in all of Central Texas. My Girl Scout troop thoroughly enjoyed their lessons on the native peoples of the Sacred Springs, environmental stewardship, local arts, and endangered species. Since they completed the patch, the girls have brought the program full circle by passing on their knowledge and love of the San Marcos River to other youth groups in the area.
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