Mermaid Chats


Supporting Mermaid Society’s environmental commitment of river guardianship; Mermaid Maya visits K- 5th grade classrooms in area schools. The aim of these engaging chats, is to spark the students’ interest in being life-long river guardians and environmental stewards by combining science and fantasy.

When it comes to ecological conservation, Mermaid Maya - and the mermaid pod - enthusiastically convey their message through storytelling and other activities. Maya inspires the children. She also opens up the discussion regarding balancing the preservation of the San Marcos river native and endangered species, and still enjoy the river. The program also incorporates the historical and spiritual significance of the Springs for the native Coahuiltecans.

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By bolstering the spirit of conservation in young children; we aim to see a generation raised to respect the irreplaceable value of their own home habitat. While the introduction to our rivers sacred beginnings fosters respect for the traditions of our local ancestors and the first people of the Americas.


Mermaid Maya brings her positive, encouraging, educational message to schools, youth organizations and summer programs. To arrange for a visit from Maya, please send an email to  or call Mermaid Society’s Youth Programming Director, Marieta Hutchison  (830) 620-8958