Mermaid Society Mer-Team


Adriana “Gigi” Mederos

Community Ambassador

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos is a Venezuelan-born artist and a new Texan who moved to San Marcos in 2015.

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Immediately upon arrival, Gigi met Mermaid Society SMTX founder July Moreno and was soon involved as art director (along with Ruby Dale Austin) of the inaugural Mermaid Society Art Ball.

Proud to have been part of Mermaid Society from the beginning, Gigi says, “I believe in what Mermaid Society is doing to promote a progressive San Marcos. Using the arts to educate, promoting the importance of our River ecosystem, bridging our differences when it comes to the well-being of our community, enthusiastically working with local children and youth and celebrating our heritage gives our mission and message an energy and appeal that makes it engaging and irresistable.”

Adriana Mederos is a multimedia artist who flows between drawing, painting, printmaking, surface design and in the past few years, textile painting. Mederos moved to San Marcos, TX from Massachusetts with life-partner and fellow artist Stevie Black; where they opened Rio Claro Studio in downtown San Marcos in September of 2015. The studio has expanded at its new location very recently and they are happily creating new work together and individually.


Angela Zumwalt

Director of Mermaid Programming

Born and raised in Houston, Angela Zumwalt is a Native Texan and a life-long Mermaid.

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Spending early childhood sailing between Coastal Texas and the Island of Cozumel with her ship-captain father, her life was tied to the sea and it’s legends from the start. Moving to Los Angeles, California in 2004, she held a decade long career in Hospital Pharmacy Administration, before readily leaving the Medical Center to pursue more creative endeavors. Reviving her passion for the water, Angela began performing as a mermaid professionally in 2014. Childhood memories of visiting Aquarena Springs with her mother and grandmother turned her eyes and heart back to the San Marcos River as soon as she relocated home to Texas. Quickly hearing about Mermaid Society SMTX and finding that their Mission resonated deeply with her, Angela reached out to founder July Moreno, and soon after became Mermaid Society SMTX’s Official Mascot - Mermaid Maya.

Proud to be a part of Mermaid Society since July of 2016, Zumwalt is elated to now act as Director of Mermaid Programming, as well as to continue to portray Mermaid Maya. Angela says, “When I first learned about Mermaid Society I was thrilled to have found a local organization that shared so precisely my personal and professional values; I quickly reached out to get involved. In my work as a mermaid, I have always endeavored to educate children on awareness of the impact of humans on all aquatic environments. Portraying Mermaid Maya for Mermaid Society, I feel incredibly honored to be a part of something that is fostering connection in the local community, regularly endeavoring to support local artists and businesses, as well as working to preserve the incredible beauty and rich life of the San Marcos River and Springs. Having the opportunity to teach children to revere the river and feel a sense of stewardship and duty to preserve it along with the life thriving in it is profoundly rewarding.”

Angela moved to the San Marcos Area when she returned to Texas in 2016. She is a performing mermaid who, with her husband and Mer-Wrangler, Scott, owns local mermaid performance company, Full Fathom Five: Mermaids & More. With an educational background in Cultural Anthropology and Art History, myths and legends of the world and its waterways have always fascinated her: She delights in being able to fuse these interests in bringing mermaids and other characters to life with content that is both fun and educational.

When Angela isn’t flipping her fins in the river, her non-waterlogged interests include ethnobotany, ancient civilization, crafting, and baking.


Marieta Carducci Hutchison

Youth Initiatives Director

Marieta Carducci Hutchison grew up in the small town of Kyle, Texas and now resides 9 miles down the road in San Marcos.

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When she was growing up her mother and her mother’s mother took her to tour Aquarena Springs and to swim in the San Marcos River. She is grateful to say 5 generations of her family have enjoyed its cool spring-fed waters.

Marieta is a retired Physical, Health, and Special Education Teacher with 22 years experience. She has published in the national journal, TEPE (Teaching Elementary Physical Education) and has presented in state-wide conferences; TAHPERD, TEA and ALL WELL. Marieta is currently employed by Texas State University as a Student Teacher Supervisor.

Marieta has volunteered throughout the San Marcos community beginning in the 1990s with developing and teaching the San Marcos Little League Basketball Clinic. She currently supports the San Marcos Art Advocates and is a member of the San Marcos Art League. In January 2016, she met July Moreno, creator of Mermaid Society SMTX and began volunteering wherever she was needed. She was so enthralled with Mermaid Society and it’s philosophy that it helped inspire her first children’s picture book, written in April of 2016 and published in October 2017; Mermaids Are Magical – You Can Be Too. In May of 2017 she volunteered to be the Youth Initiatives Director and helped launch the 2017 summer Mermaid Chats and the SPLASH Guardian Patch Program. Her specialty is collaboratively creating narrative and curriculum for both programs.

Marieta’s primary passion includes hanging with her family, husband Steve, children and grandchildren – especially at the river! Besides her volunteer and TXST work, her other passions include fitness, photography, piano and poetry.


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