Mermaid Society Interns

If you are interested in an internship with the Mermaid Society, or want more information, please click below.

Mermaid Society SMTX is a wonderful group uniting the residents of San Marcos and the Texas State University community with a common goal: to preserve, protect, and promote the San Marcos River and the City of San Marcos. The iconic mermaid is a symbol that people can identify with and cherish. Working with the Mermaid Society has opened the students’ eyes to the rivers vulnerability and has impassioned them to change their behavior and that of their fellow students. Students no longer take San Marcos and its beautiful river for granted. The impact of this movement will be felt for generations to come.
— Karen H. Smith, Professor of Marketing, Texas State University

Maritza Felan

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Public Relations

Minors: Spanish and Business

2018 Graduate of Texas State University

Ever since I’ve lived here in San Marcos I have seen and read things about the Mermaid Society. Whether it was on social media or sidewalk art it left me curious and wondering what this organization was about. Now I have been given the chance to apply my degree in Communications to help expand what this organization is striving to achieve and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only am I looking forward to help educate the public about about Mermaid Society, but I will gain hands-on experience, connections and added knowledge

Gabriela Lopez

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Public Relations

Concentration: Digital Media

Minor: Business Administration

Being a part of Mermaid Society has opened my eyes to how rich in arts San Marcos truly is. I’m eager to work alongside their effort to unite community and showcase the beauty that is all things San Marcos

Greg Arellano

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media

Concentration: Digital Media

Minor: Psychology

2018 Graduate of Texas State University

President [Association Of Hispanic Journalists at Texas State

Assistant News Director| [The Stratosphere]

Creative Director| [Off on a Tangent]

I joined the Mermaid Society because it emphasizes the best parts of San Marcos - the river, the arts; and the people. Being able to give back to the community in such a creative way was too great of an opportunity to pass up; so it’s an honor to be part of something so special to San Marcos’ history and culture.