Arts & Culture

Businesses should recognize that supporting arts and cultural programs can help to build their surrounding communities.

The stronger the community is, the better the business opportunities can be for a company. A city with a vibrant artistic and cultural scene often attracts better talent, and a company that is directly involved with that vibrancy is set up to better retain and grow that talent.

Businesses that support local arts and cultural organizations can add value to their corporate brand and their bottom line.
— Henry Kurkowski CEO and co-founder of One WiFi
Photo Credit - Tour San Marcos

Photo Credit - Tour San Marcos


Photo credit - Tour San Marcos

We value the importance of Arts & Culture in the continuing vibrancy and enrichment of our growing city. We use our platform as a catalyst to increase awareness and support programming, and events unique to San Marcos.  Mermaid Society promotes creative collaboration in celebration of the arts, culture and heritage of our community.

Mermaid Society Initiatives:

  • Coordinators for an Annual Arts & Culture Community Symposium

  • Ambassadors of the Buck Winn Morning Glories - A return to San Marcos

  • Advocate for increased arts in Downtown San Marcos


We champion the following programs:    

* The SMART Orchestra under the direction of Christopher T. F. Hanson.

* The Indigenous Cultures Institute Powwow and their  Summer Youth Program, directed by Dr. Mario Garza and Maria Rocha.

* Mariachi Infantil and Mariachi Nueva Generacion - Texas State University's Latin America Music Studies, directed by John Lopez.


 We encourage you to learn more about these organizations by visiting their website, or contacting them directly.