Arts & Culture


We value the importance of Arts & Culture in the continuing vibrancy and enrichment of our growing city. We use our platform as a catalyst to increase awareness and support programming, and events unique to San Marcos.  Mermaid Society promotes creative collaboration in celebration of the arts, culture and heritage of our community.   

We champion the following programs:    

* The SMART Orchestra under the direction of Christopher T. F. Hanson.

* The Indigenous Cultures Institute Powwow and their  Summer Youth Program, directed by Dr. Mario Garza and Maria Rocha.

* Mariachi Infantil and Mariachi Nueva Generacion - Texas State University's Latin America Music Studies, directed by John Lopez.


 We encourage you to learn more about these organizations by visiting their website, or contacting them directly.

As members of the indigenous communities in San Marcos, that encompass 37% of Hays County residents labeled “Hispanic” who are also American Indians, we welcome a partnership where our 13,000+ years of stewardship here can be honored. We value the sacred nature of the land and waters of San Marcos. The Mermaid Society will umbrella the numerous organizations that share this reverence, and are aware of the environmental challenges that we are all facing. A week-long festival that celebrates our city’s treasures will raise the visibility of our unique presence in Texas, and bring national attention to an area that vibrates with ancient guardian spirits.
— Dr. Mario Garza, Founder and Maria F. Rocha, Executive Director Indigenous Cultures Institute

Art & Culture Contributors